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Operation We Care for Grand Gedeh acknowledges the work of Superintendent Bailey

Bernard Gbayee Goah
Published Date: Wednesday, December 16, 2009, 2:36 PM

Operation We Care for Grand Gedeh acknowledges the work of
Superintendent Christopher B. Bailey
Of Grand Gedeh County
Liberia West Africa

Honorable Superintendent,

In these tough times in the history of Grand Gedeh County, as they undoubtedly were  from time to time since our existence as a county, but as they increasingly got in most parts of the county when our expectations were very high in hopes of a brand new day between 1980 and 1989, our hopes were dwindled before our very eyes between the two years as a result of dominantly administrative blunder on the part of those who were steering the wheels of the country. Their failure to make a paradigm shift in attitudes and judgments has brought us where we find ourselves as a people today.

Our hopes of a brighter day at that time did not happen due to continuous allegations of failed administrative policy, human right abuse, authoritarian decision making style, and the lack of leadership judgment exhibited by our government under the late Samuel K. Doe.

Permit me to give a little synopsis on where I stand concerning developments in our county as well as other issues affecting us as a people.

From 1980 to 1989, the leader of our country was totally confused. Although very new if I may put it this way…to the compound complex political atmosphere in Liberia, he did not prefer to seek help from his fellow citizens who were knowledgeably grounded in the politics of  Liberia. He refused to seek administrative help from external experts who willingly offered to help.  If he ever incorporated any competent resident from Grand Gedeh County, he controlled their imports in their area of expertise as if he had idea in such area.
Those who professed themselves as gurus and progressives of the land but more confused as they were; were his closest confidants.

The then president was not thoughtful enough to put the country and the interest of our county first, He and his core of officers stock to the “I, me, and myself” and the "I will teach him lesson” attitude. Such attitudes of course drove the entire country into an abyss causing deaths of the most innocent and the suffering of those who had no fish to fry in the whole hullabaloo for a very long time.

Some allegations that were brought against Samuel Doe’s government from 1980 to 1989 resemble the truth to the best of my knowledge. I say to the best of my knowledge because I am a living witness to some of what took place at that time.  While it may be true that parts of said allegations against Samuel Doe were more than mere allegations, others were false.

Those who brought these allegations against the Doe government did not choose to go through proper redress or through the legal system.  They propagated rumors of yet more negative allegations and encouraged these rumors to poison the entire country as such, culmination of these rumors resulted into a so to speak, popular uprising.
In fact the uprising was severe and unstoppable as you are fully aware. Most horribly it was contra positively popular only against the common good of the Liberian people especially so, innocent citizens of Grand Gedeh County..

As you know, the Samuel Doe government was attenuated as a result of “the” uprising and thousands of our brothers and sisters from Grand Gedeh County were forced to go into exile all over the planet. Up to now, there are thousands of our brothers and sisters still in refugee camps around the world listening to hear good news of encouragement since the war is now over, in order to return home.

Honorable superintendent, Instead of hearing good news from back home, some of your colleagues are in the habit of spreading lies and fear to scare us from returning home.

We as a people cannot, and must not afford to continuously house such attitude amongst ourselves while significant developments continue to go on in the county after the war.

I do not cite all of these ugly memories to sadden your heart but so that your heart will be strengthened, and your mind will be more focused on everything you do as a leader.
A while ago one of our sons currently working in the Liberian government exacerbated the situation on the ground by giving us misinformation and disinformation about the true happenings in Grand Gedeh.

The son in questioned has brought allegations that have no iota of truth against your honorable office. Up to now, he is still spreading news that will create division amongst our people both abroad and at home. I recommend that your honorable office see reasons to arrest this kind of ugly situation to prevent further division amongst our people.

I am aware that you have dedicated your entire administrative activities toward creating a better Grand Gedeh County that was a virgin forest yesterday because of the good news I get from the county.

I do not intend to stand by and see some nefarious individuals create a situation that has the propensity to evoke another hardship on our people in any way.

As a citizen of Grand Gedeh County, I am also aware that it is a difficult task to function as a leader in a county such as Grand Gedeh.  Especially so, after the war, where distrust and suspicion of one another has sky rocketed amongst our people.  Such unwanted behavior is now deeply rooted in our people and if I may say, has become endemic to Grand Gedeh County.

An endemic of this kind has manifested itself amongst the leaders of Grand Gedeh in foreign lands today. To be specific, our leaders here in the United States continue to go from court to court on issues they could have settled if they wanted to, amongst themselves.

Our leaders have destroyed the image of Grand Gedians here in the United States to such an extent that the Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas has two presidents, each claiming to be legitimate.

Things have fallen apart completely amongst our people because the central leadership can no longer hold. In fact the speeches of some of our older folks make no sense these days. Wisdom has totally vanished from their mist as if a supernatural force has tampered with their way of thinking. Our tradition is at stake, and may vanish forever if nothing is done!

To make matters worse, most embarrassingly, Honorable Superintendent, the  representative of whom I mentioned some where above, from one of your districts in Grand Gedeh County, came to the United States and gave us information that created panic of epic proportions among our people. To be specific, the honorable representative of Gbarzon District Rufus Gbeor alleged that you, Honorable Superintendent, have mismanaged funds intended for the purpose of developing the county.

Some of us would not have known that Representative Gbeor was economizing the truth about development in Grand Gedeh County had you and others not cleared the air on radio Gbarzon a few days ago.

Some of our opinion leaders, and elders heard what the Representative said, yet they continue to play tight lips on the issue, while Honorable Gbeor continued to demonize your appellation and good character amongst Liberians in the Diasporas.

I have my family in Zwedru Grand Gedeh County. I talk to them every week. They have told me of the numerous development projects going on in the county. Both my friends and family living in Grand Gedeh County all praise your tireless efforts in developing the area. I also started a little business in Zwedru with the hope of creating employment opportunity for our people back home. Those who run the business bring me good news of your good work as well.

I personally called Dowegee Town yester night and got a convincing conformation from opinion leaders in that town that your administration is considering the voice of the people at all levels. I was told by some residents of Dowegee town that your administration is doing very well for our people.

Let me side bar a little bit to thank the Gbarzon District Association in the Americas for the new school building erected in Dowegee town. The people of Gbarzon are a great people when it comes to development. I say thank you plenty.

Honorable Superintendent, while there are notably poor performances in some areas in government that must be handled by those concern, I wholeheartedly like to thank the government of Liberia through your Honorable office for the extraordinary effort your office continues to make in bringing the people of Nimba and Grand Gedeh Counties together in a very successful reconciliatory meeting held in recent time in Monrovia.  Such initiative marks a good leadership.

Your administration has proven that young people can do even more good things when given the chance to lead.  Honorable Superintendent, you are amongst the caliber of people who simply ask: What can I do to help? And then do it.  You do not expect a reward or acknowledgment as such, I am grateful to your administration for responding to the request of the people of Grand Gedeh in this way.  As a young man from Grand Gedeh County, I am proud that you are doing all of this in a society that often takes this way of doing things for granted.

I do not take your efforts for granted and I hope others do the same. I am convinced that you just assume this is what good people do in a County such as Grand Gedeh in which its citizens need help the most.

It is this generosity of your spirit and the actions you have thus far taken that give me cause to celebrate and give support to your administration. I have decided to purchase three hundred electronic text books fit for college students from Grand Gedeh County. Please let me know where I can mail this package as soon as possible. There are other projects I have in mind which I shall personally inform you about in due course.

I am aware that the case of Grand Gedeh is no ordinary situation.  It requires urgent and sustain response.  You put your personal character and safety at risk by getting involved with leadership of this county.  A county like few others in Liberia, where it is almost impossible to anticipate what response you would get from the people.

Honorable Superintendent, beware that there are many representatives like Gbeor out there whose sole intention is to inflict casualty on the characters of good people. Don’t mind the numerous Gbeors out there. They are always like that, criticizing without recommending a solution. In fact they are an enemy to progress.

Honorable Superintendent, you have put not just your physical safety but your emotional safety at risk - dealing with people who were once devastated as a result of war, who have experienced fear, anger, pain, grief and uncertainty, in a society as volatile as the weather.

As you know, you are not only dealing with a civilian population.
You are also dealing with former combatants, front-line commanders, soldiers, people who were disabled by the wrath of the war, as well as those who seemed to have no hope at all. These people are your people. Please do not let their grievances and their calls fall on deaf ears. Investigate their demands without been obsequious but make the right judgment as you always do and continue to do.

Above all else, remember that you are a mere servant of the people.  Thanks a million for keeping the people of Grand Gedeh both abroad and at home abreast about development activities that are taking place in the county. You have cleared the air and we have no doubt in your leadership.

As I have learnt in recent times, your administration continues to develop ways for our people to be organized in what to prioritize and I want to thank you for the job well done.

Most of our people are abstaining from castigating one another accept one of us mentioned above who has chosen an opposite path.
We all know that it is not an easy task to instill into everyone the capacity to submit to the appropriate authorities. Other people are just unmanageable no matter what positions they hold in government they always do horrible things that will make them live the life of a pariah.

The war is over. We must all put on our working gears and work even harder. Other counties are moving forward and time is never on our side and will never be at anytime.

Thank you Honorable superintendent, for appreciating the strength of community spirit, and for paving the way for us all to see the spontaneous generosity of strangers who want to help us.  I thank you for bringing the Chinese housing investors to Grand Gedeh County. I have learned that they have agreed to build four hundred housing units in Grand Gedeh County through the initiative of your office. This will help to alleviative the housing problem in the County.

I believe that universally people who always want to help others are the great optimists in life and you, Honorable Superintendents, have exhibited such optimism when you reveal to us recently that it is your dream that Grand Gedeh County will be one of the most developed counties in Liberia. I thank you for the recreation center that is currently been enjoyed by our young people in the center of Zwedru City, Grand Gedeh County. I have also learned that it is one of the best in the entire Liberia.

There are those who will sit and only complain. As for you, Honorable Superintendent, you hate anything that is associated with idleness; I have known you as a motion and “do it” type of person. Your efforts have given a flicker of hope and trust to the surviving mothers and daughters, brothers and sisters, and fathers of Grand Gedeh County.  Enthusiasm such as yours will help our people through the challenges still to come, that they will bear out of the spotlight, as the process of re-building their lives is undertaken.

On behalf of “Operation We Care for Grand Gedeh”, I want to thank you for the great contribution that you have made, and I'm sure will continue to make, to the people of Grand Gedeh County.

May God continue to bless the works of your hands, and all of your undertakings, and may He bless Grand Gedeh County, and Liberia.

Bernard Gbayee Goah
President - Operation We Care for Grand Gedeh
Western Seaboard
Oregon USA